Space Clearing Your Home in 5 Steps

Nowadays our lives are often consumed by a huge number of objects, many of which we do not need or had no use for in the first place. Clutter finds its way into every corner of our living spaces and homes, disrupting the natural flow of energy in the room and, in turn, affecting our lives, relationships, moods and general outlooks on our lives. There’s no need to let yourself be a slave to miscellany though, and as such we thought we’d compile a quick five-point list of things you can do to banish clutter

Your first action should be to go through, room by room, all of the stuff, items, boxes and piles that lie around your home. Whilst you’re going through the items, simply keep the things you actually need in one pile and the things you don’t in the other. Whilst doing this really do think about whether or not you’re actually going to need the item in question- that box of coat hangers would be useful if you had a dinner party and needed to hang up lots of coats, but then again a coat stand could also do the job in a far more elegant manner.

Next, sell all of that stuff! Car boot sales are a mecca of clutter, so popping down there with a vague idea of how much you want to sell things for, unleashing your inner merchant, will definitely yield results. With anything left over, pop in on eBay or give it to charity. With the money accrued from the sale, you can buy that coat stand, wine rack, filing cabinet, shoe tree- items that will help you organise your things in the future so clutter never comes calling again!

The items in your home should definitely be functional and used in multiple ways. Sofa-beds or small two-seater sofas should be preferred over expansive suites and in the kitchen walls should be used as storage areas (hooks for pots and pans etc).

Next, clean the house from top to bottom, vacuum-cleaning any fabric surfaces and giving the bathrooms and kitchen a very deep clean, leaving your home a blank slate. After you’ve given the house a good sheen, you’ll feel hugely better in yourself, your mood will lift, and you’ll be more motivated!

The last tip is perhaps the most important of our steps; don’t let your home be consumed again! After all of the work you’ve put in to make your home a more pleasant, lovely place to live and work, letting standards slip again is something worth avoiding. Having good organisation, an eye for throwing stuff out and a similar eye for not buying lots of useless stuff in the first place; these three tips will keep your home clear into the future!

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